Teacher as Learner

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I am taking a class...

Over the next several weeks, I am going to post my homework here on the site.  Classmates of mine will be leaving comments.  Readers of cuhs.net get to eaves-drop on my learning experience.  Let me explain what is going on:

I have enrolled in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).  Just as gaming has become interactive and open by nature (think MineCraft) and our socialization has become more open, so goes education.  Through the use of technology, I am able to participate in an international, critical thinking class in inter-dependent learning.  

I am very interested in the topic of inter-dependent learning.  The main idea is that we learn best when we learn through interation.  That is why students at Corning High have been engaging in group work so frequently lately.  A course on interaction seems perfect for online study. 

I consider myself a life-long learner.  Steady study keeps me interested and makes me a better teacher. I hope you start to consider yourself a life-long learner as well.  Opening my coursework on this site is meant to encourage me and to model to you.  

Although the course is meant for college students and college graduates, I hope that any student will feel free to participate by adding comments or speaking to me about how things are going.

I have to start working on my first homework assignments.  I will post again before Sunday when my first assignment is due.