Week Two – Egg Assignment

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For this weeks task, we were set a group research project to create a document arguing what is the best way to cook an egg.
By doing this project I have learnt that the research process is very long winded and detailed. For this research, people in my group decided carry out surveys and questionnaires, whereas I only carried out secondary research - looking at other peoples experiments and using their ideas to fuel my own. I also realised that when writing a 'proper' document, you really need to consider the sources and where they came from and who wrote them etc. as this could have a great effect on the accuracy & reliability of the document.

I think that my group were fairly successful in completing the research project. All three of us provided our own (different) ideas and methods to answer the question - what is the best way to cook an egg?
We used Google Docs effectively to communicate and share our ideas - not only for the research stage, but also when writing up the final piece.

However, when reviewing my own personal input, I can honestly say that this week I did not put enough effort and time into the project. I have my reasons, and it is not like me to miss work. In the next few projects, I will put more effort in and be a constructive and helpful asset to the group.