Week Three: Validity and Reliability

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This week's reading an assignment built on last weeks task and the relevant reading as I became far more critical of the evidence that I used within the research project. I feel that if I completed the research again I would have scrutinise the reliability and validity of the project itself but also the evidence and secondary research that we used to ensure that it did not impact on our own validity and reliability. I also have a far greater understanding of what the terms ability and reliability mean and how they impact upon research and investigations.

This week has impacted on my undertaking of effective research as it has developed my critical voice and the ability to clearly identify concerns within others research that then can support and develop my own research as I know which elements I can clearly identified as being a liable to put into my own case study.

The skills of being able to evaluate and criticise the reliability and validity of research and case studies impacts my understanding of being an in(ter)dependent learner as it allows me to independently criticise and make my own judgements upon research that otherwise I would've found hard to do without the knowledge of what reliability and validity actually are and how they impact upon data.

I feel that the progress I have made since starting this course has been developed especially in the last week as I was able to clearly identify the pitfalls and pratfalls of the research task for the second week and how I can develop and improve those skills to ensure that my research in further years is supported.

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