Week 3 Crit101

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Complete a blog post reflecting on the week’s assignment and your progress (include a link to the published assignment)
How has it added to your understanding of conducting effective research?
How do these skills fit in with your understanding of being an in(ter)dependent learner?
How much progress have do you believe you have made as you approach the halfway point of the course?

Last week we had to research into the best way to cook an egg, this week was a follow up from this as we had to read through the information that we had gathered and process the information we retrieved in finer detail. This meant that the information we had allowed us to produce a table from as survey that we had put together to allow us to get the best results we could. I feel the fact we went away and did our own interdependent research allowed the individual to retain the information in their own preference, or how they effectively collect data. This is all good, untill you have to bring everything that you researched back into the group. This meant that you had to perhaps convert how you understand this research into something that everyone will understand. This could of been a bit of a challenge. You just had to make it as clear as possible so every group member understood.

I have noticed doing this course that my motivation to look for research and do some studying has increased slightly. As before, I didn't want to research or study about anything. Know with what I have learnt along the way from Crit101. I have slightly more confidence that It won't be as 'painful' as I thought.

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