#Crit101 Week two assignment

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In completing week two’s primary assignment, I have learnt that the research process is a lengthy one - it requires an organised and scientific mind, an ability to identify relevant information and being able to present data in a logical and succinct manner. Additionally, asking the right questions during research can save lots of time. Time management is also important when researching, as the more time spent researching, the less time you are likely to have concluding.

In the research project, my research partner and I were successful in producing a fully complete answer to the question: “What is the best way to cook an egg?”, linked below;


Personally, I do not think that I was too great of a research partner, as I was not online on a regular enough basis and  I provided under half of the research material that our conclusion was based upon.

I feel that the biggest challenge my group faced was having a small workforce. Our group was already smaller than most others at the beginning with three people, but half-way through one of our team members dropped out of the course. With a larger group comes a smaller shared workload, and vice versa. Another advantage of having a larger team means that more people can read your work and give feedback during the planning, writing and editing stages. Fortunatley, we were able to overcome this shortcoming.