#crit101 Validity and Reliability

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This weeks assignment was to question how valid and reliable my research from last week as. Here is my Google doc - #crit101 Validity and Reliability

This weeks reading built on last weeks by showing me what you also need to consider whether the evidence you collect is valid, shows what it is supposed to, and reliable, the source you get the formation from is trustworthy, but also to consider whether the method you are using is valid and reliable. By doing this week reading it has shown me that to conduct an effective piece of research you have to know what type of research you are doing but then to question whether that research is going to produce valid and reliable evidence and also conside who is behind the research whether they are an expert in their field or if they are lying.

These skill have shown me that to be a good interdependant learner you must be able to ask the right question to get the best out of your learning and not to be afraid to ask as by asking you only learn more.

WOW! I can’t belive we are half way already, what a intesting and enjoyable few weeks it has been. I think that i have made good pregress in the last 3 week as I have learned to trust my opinion and not doubt it ( which i do a lot) also to be scared to ask questions as you can only learn by asking! Which also helps when finding secodary evidence as i now know what questions to ask to the best out to my secondary evidence. So i would like to that YOU Mr Michie as you have helped me bring out the in(ter)dependant learner in me and shown me have to use it!! :)