Best way to cook an egg?

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Week 2 of the critical skills 101 course. Our task was to work in groups of 4 to research about 'The best way to cook an egg' using Google docs as a source to record and use together as a group. A lot of people in the course from did primary research creating surveys for others to complete. This would allow them to see first hand what they are researching, mostly it was to get an inside into the publics preferred way to cook an egg and how they like it. Doing primary research created very accurate results as it was field research and you regularly retrieve what you were looking for. As my group that consisted of primary researched carried out by Pascal. He did a very minimalistic but thorough survey about how the public enjoy their eggs. It was very effective as it was clear for the rest of the group to understand as you to back up their points.

Myself, I did some secondary research, I surfed the web to find some source that contained some value to our research when I came across This was a source I could use in my as it was developed and written by Delia who holds many years of experience within culinary skills. I looked around her website and noticed she had a segment on how to boil and egg. This proved very useful as she included tips for every day cooks to use. I read the article and posted it into our google doc for the benefit of not just me, but the rest of my group.

With all my work done. However, I feel like I was not up to standard with my group, as I only started writing up on the google docs page until the last day. But, I have my reasons why I was not able to get stuck into research sooner. I hope we can let that pass and I apologise to my group (Group 4) for not being a valuable researcher. 

Google Doc: