Why #crit101…

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I think that independent learning is to have the ability to use the resources you have at hand whether thats the internet or books, even your peers to help you learn. However I also think it’s about knowing when you struggling and not being afraid to ask for help even if it means you fail because by failing you will learn to succeed.

I chose to participate in #crit101 as I want to become a better independent learner and by taking this course I hope that it will help me this is because teens in today’s society are spoon fed the information they need to them which will NOT help them when it comes to A-Levels and University as they are ALOT more independent then GCSE is. As-well, I joined this course to provide me with the skills to find information out on my own and also to be able to know when I need help therefore to ask more questions that will get me the answers I need.

Lastly I think you can become more of an in(ter)dependant learner as it about using others to. We as children learn to play together so why can we learn to learn together? Using each other as a learning tool making each other smarter not just the teacher making us smarter?