Week One #crit101

Originally published here.

Independent learning: what is it? Independent learning is not just working alone, it’s working with help from others. Everyone’s opinion is important. Learning is all about opinions and perceptions; other people’s views can help you learn more and more. To learn independently you need to go away and work in ways that are best for you and you need to be determined and motivated.

 Can you learn to be an independent learner? Well, I hope so because this is why I am taking part in this course: to gain skills and find methods that will help me learn more independently. I think that everyone can learn independently; it’s all about having the right mindset in order to achieve this. I agree with Carol Dweck’s theory that if you believe you can grow, you can grow.

At the moment, I am fairly confident with writing once I am confident with my topic and have prepared effectively. However, I struggle to get to this point. I am unsure how to tell if a source is accurate, how to find information, how to use a variety of different sources, how to question ideas (not just taking them on face value) and how to approach research. Hopefully, by the end of the course I will feel more confident about this.

Independent learning is a skill waiting to be grasped; we just need to be brave enough to reach out and grab it.