Why join critical skills 101?

Originally published here.

First of all I have to clearly declare that, the subject English is not my strength. I’ve always been trying to develop my skills in the subject but have never succeeded. My skills over the past few years have never progressed. Pondering upon my progression ( which I consider is vital) made me have a feeling that I haven’t put enough effort into my progression. This phase is where I started digging into the Internet and started to look at various means of developing my speaking, listening and writing. And even without my knowledge I had turned into an independent learner. This habit didn’t stop with English, but continued with the sciences and maths and also helped me gain a lot of general knowledge. Learning new things and developing skills had topped my priorities. This is what I think is independent learning. Independent learning is when you are self-driven to achieve your set targets.
Now why did I join critical skills 101?
Well, I can collect information from the net, anyone can but I can’t process them and organise them into what exactly I want. This skill that I lack is a critical skill. So I’m hoping to learn how to successfully collate and analyse the information I get. Also the opportunity to share and discuss the information amongst my peers ( a rare opportunity) will establish the ideology of team discussions. And yes! I am absolutely sure that I’m in the right place!!