Couldn’t help but think of this quote on my morning run today…

Pain, he said, is nothing more than a mind-set. So he distracts himself with other thoughts — the joy of running, the finish line ahead. Then the pain fades.

~ Kipchoge, Eliud (2018)

Paraphrased by Scott Cacciola in the New York Times.

Pushing through that pain, I ran my fastest 10K yet – 54m 22s, with an average pace of 5m 25s.

More pleasing than that though was that I finally broke the  5 min/km barrier; running one kilometre in 4m 56s and another in 4m 21s. I was flying! 🚀

Achieved three personal bests this morning:

  1. Matched my pb 6K average pace (5m 44s) over 10K
  2. Completed 10K in a pb time of 57m 29s
  3. Clocked my fastest kilometre yet at 5m 15s; 14 seconds faster than my previous pb.

Hat tip to Laraaji for this morning’s playlist.

Started with track two: ‘Introspection’ and finished part way into track five: ‘Essence’.