Great start to the Easter break…

  • Saturday: 11.25 km – 1:02:17 min – 5’32″ pace
  • Sunday: 11.03 km – 1:00:40 min – 5’30″ pace
  • Total: 22.28 km (13.84 mi) – 2:02:57 min – 5.31 pace

In the zone again and really happy with the consistency of my kilometre splits.

#upping-the-miles #running-for-life 🌈🌞🚀

After a couple of weeks, with only intermittent opportunities to get on the treadmill, I was more than relieved to get back out on the pavement this past weekend.

And I am more than a bit pleased with my efforts… particularly given that I stuck an extra couple of kilometres on Saturday’s run:

  • Saturday: 12.11 km – 1:07:41 min – 5’35” pace
  • Sunday: 5.19 km – 28.11 min – 5’25” pace

I was definitely in the zone. 🚀

It’s been three weeks of nothing but the hard monotonous patter of the treadmill due to intermittent travel, a bout of illness, snow1 and a busy end to half-term. So, it was an absolute delight to lace up my Nikes this morning and step out into the crisp late-winter air.

Not a bad time or pace either!

8.65 km – 48:05 min – 5’33” pace

  1. I will run in almost any conditions but I draw the line at snow.  ↩