#movemeon book cover#movemeon is a crowdsourced book offering a diverse collection of tips and ideas for both new and experienced teachers to help them develop their practice and improve the learning in their classroom.

Edited by Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw), it was created and developed via a Twitter discussion that he kicked off in a blog post on 19th November 2009. The discussion very quickly took to life and I (@jamesmichie), along with many other educators, made a significant contribution to the ideas within the book.

Stuart Ridout (@stuartridout) created some fabulous artwork in response to this blog post from Doug asking people to help design the look of the book.

The book was then published via Lulu at cost price (Colour) or (B&W) and as a free pdf download (Colour) or (B&W) on 21st December 2009.

Doug collated the tweets, cleaned them up and broke them down into 9 sections including activities, environment, feedback, organisation and technology.  Here is an example of one the many tweets I contributed to the book: visibletweets #movemeon jamesmichie

This was a really great project to be involved with. An overview of the book can be found here which includes a complete list of available formats and a collection of badges that can be downloaded to help promote the book.

There is a dedicated wiki for the project here.

And an archive of all #movemeon tweets here.


Conceptual idea and inspiration: Doug Belshaw. Visit his excellent blog here.

Artwork: Stuart Ridout. Visit his excellent blog here.