[TeachMeet Clevedon] AfL & Google Docs

Yesterday evening, while I was participating in Year 10 Parents Evening, a fantastic set of educators convened on Clevedon School for TeachMeet Clevedon. Organised by the inimitable Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist), the event was packed full of innovative and thought provoking talks. You can watch a number of these presentations on the TeachMeet Clevedon YouTube channel. … Continue reading [TeachMeet Clevedon] AfL & Google Docs

AFL & Google Docs [Presentation]

I will be (virtually) attending and speaking at #TMRoehampton this coming Tuesday. I intend to give an update on my current thinking, re: AFL and Google Docs. In preparation I created a new series of slides to support my talk. They can be viewed below, along with some useful, related links. Blog Posts: Google Docs … Continue reading AFL & Google Docs [Presentation]

Google Docs in the Classroom – A Discussion

To help clarify my thoughts while writing my School-based Enquiry, I decided it would be helpful to discuss the use of Google Docs in the classroom with a fellow teacher. Oliver Quinlan has been using Google Docs in much the same way as I have and he kindly agreed to be interviewed over Skype. The … Continue reading Google Docs in the Classroom – A Discussion

Google Docs In The Classroom – Part 4: What’s Next?

This is the fourth and final instalment about my experiences of using Google docs in the classroom. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. Part 4: What’s Next? (or chipping away at the Google docs iceberg) This final chapter is a little (cough) belated and some of the ideas and approaches to using … Continue reading Google Docs In The Classroom – Part 4: What’s Next?

School-based Enquiry: Google docs & AfL

I attended my third MA session this evening; the first session of Module 2: Assessment for Learning. Unlike Module 1: School-based Enquiry, this module centres around reading and secondary research. After receiving my ‘Module Reader’ it prompted me to knuckle down this evening and try to finish refining the focus of my School-based Enquiry. While … Continue reading School-based Enquiry: Google docs & AfL