The best piece of advice I have ever been given is this:

Sit back and listen

It is very easy, particularly when you are looking for that first promotion, to feel like you need to constantly make yourself heard. So much so, that you stop listening.

Instead, sit back and listen; giving other people’s views the consideration they deserve.

  1. Nine times out of ten, when other people realise you are ‘really’ listening to them, they will respect you for it and repay you by doing the same. If you constantly cut people off, they will be offended and most likely not listen to you in return.
  2. Listening helps you to understand where others are coming from. It leaves you better informed and in a more powerful position. A position from which you can be far more influential – able to put forward your ideas in ways that are appealing and demonstrate forethought.
  3. Sometimes, when you take the time to listen, you realise that your views and ideas need to be modified. In fact sometimes you may realise that your take on a topic or idea is just plain wrong.

Some may view the third outcome negatively but I do not. If you take the time to listen before sharing your views, it is easier to shape and change them. Once they are out in the open, it is not as easy to admit you were wrong.

And remember. You can make all the noise you want but if no one is actually listening…

…then it is just noise.

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