#mainedu: One module down, two to go…

Having begun the MA in Education, promising to blog my learning journey, I have found that time has been at a premium and thus blog posts have been in short supply. With that in mind, I have squared away a moment or two to provide an update.

As tweeted out earlier last week, I have completed Module 2: Assessment for Learning, achieving a distinction. I subsequently tidied up the corresponding page on this blog to include a summary of the unit; the texts that influenced my understanding and impacted on my assignments; and also added links to both my 1000 word critique of Black and Wiliam’s: ‘Inside the Black Box’ and Action Research Assignment.

While I may be finished with the module, AfL remains an area of significant interest to me. Particularly, because of the way that I have been using Google Docs with my students. Moreover, this is the focus of my School Based Enquiry, for which I continue to collect data.

Based on the feedback I received from my Module 2 tutor, I am planning a trip to Oxford Brookes University Library over the half term break to expand my reading; there are some texts that look useful but I am struggling to find in PDF format online.

Module 3: Developing eLearning began earlier this month. This module will likely prove to be the most enjoyable of the three. As an area of education that I am significantly immersed in, I hope that it will afford me the opportunity to broaden my understanding and refine some of my current practices.

In order to ensure that I don’t simply fall back on tried and tested tools however, I completed an audit of the technologies that are embedded in my current teaching practice and those that are not. It is my intention to develop a series of lessons wherein one of these technologies will be used to facilitate the learning in some way.

Reading for the module has also commenced and for me a number of the texts are old news but nevertheless I will revisit them, making the necessary notes in Evernote to use later in my assignment. We have been given the already well critiqued Prensky articles: ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’ and ‘Do They Really Think Differently?’ (Digital Natives: Part 2) to read. For some up to date debate on the concept of digital natives, these posts from Simon Bostock and Doug Belshaw are definitely worth checking out:

Finally, I hope that as the unit eveolves I will get the chance to tie in some of the material I have been reading and writing about recently with regards to learning technologies, taxonomies and literacies. Only time will tell.


A brief audit of edtech tools (I may have missed a few!) in no particular order/preference.

Used and embeded in my teaching practice:

  • Lino (Wallwisher)
  • Google docs
  • YouTube
  • Google Search tools: Wonder Wheel, Advanced Search, Timeline, Images, Books, Scholar
  • Blogging (Blogger, Posterous, WordPress)
  • Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Prezi
  • Slideshare
  • Bubbl.us
  • Wordle
  • Moodle (Forum, Wiki, Quiz, Online text, Glossary, Game modules)
  • Adobe Connect (Skype)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects (iMovie)
  • Garageband (Audacity)
  • Wikipedia
  • Flip camcorders
  • HD camcorders
  • Digital cameras (inc. Digital SLRs)
  • Apple Mac computers (MacBooks)
  • Mobile Phones
  • IWB

Used but not embeded:

  • Twitter
  • Voicethread
  • Google Maps
  • Google Calendar
  • Cover It Live